Hi dear, I’m Ekene Patience and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you. I make YouTube videos and write on my blog about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel,  food and all sorts of other life subjects from anything like spending quality time with my adorable kids has been my passion for many years now. When  I started writing this blog, I never thought when I started out on this journey that I would have as many people coming along on it and my other social media pages with me as there are today, but it’s amazing, I love it and am very thankful to each and every one of you.

I am a personal shopper. I have an office in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, England,  The Netherlands, and the U.S.A.

If you need any goods and services ranging from cars, trucks, generators, lingeries, cloths, Cosmetics, Make-up, generators, electronics, furniture from Europe and America please contact us with the following contact details, we deliver to your doorstep.

I am also a beauty consultant in The Netherlands, I do make-up, Manicure, pedicure, relaxational massage, hairstyling.

p.s. I am a beauty blogger please see ( If you need any goods and services  ( books, clothing, shoes, cars etc.) found on my blog, online, webshop, or anywhere else in Europe, Nigeria, U.S.A., and England. Please do contact us today!

Whatsapp +31620175330

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Work Experience

I have also worked for the following prestigious companies in The Netherlands, United  Kingdom and Nigeria such as Ocean Crest as a teacher, Cedar oak laundry, a sister company to  Cross and Churchill in Nigeria,  Elder in United Kingdom, Friss B.V Eneco  Adecco, Van Der Valk, Fletchers Hotels, Kruidvat, De Tuinen, Allevo, Mooi Parfumerie,  Parfum Star, Amadore, Toro Dorado, Candelabra b.v. Roompot in the Netherlands and Jacaranda Trading in Rotterdam The Netherlands the sister company to Van Vliet Trucks.

My motto in life is to never do to others DELIBERATELY what I wouldn’t like them to do to me.

Besides modelling, I am also a Makeup artist and certified beauty consultant.

You can find some of my work below here-  Make-Up done by me        My Stylish Look

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Thank you so much for visiting my website! Stay blessed!

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Medical equipment

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I am also a personal shopper! If you need goods and services from Europe such as clothes, cosmetics, generators, wind energy, cars, trucks, mobile hospitals, please contact me.

whatsapp – +31620175330




Would you like to practise your massage skills on me, make-up skills or sketch skills, photography skills, learn or do want to improve your hair cut skills on me? Please do contact me.


Housekeeping/homecare workshop – 1 to 2 hour 75 euros


House Keeping Workshop

Would you like to learn how to keep your home clean and tidy? Or do you need some help with cleaning? Ekene schoonmaak bedrijf is at your service. You may also purchase a gift voucher/card for your loved ones whom you would want us to offer our services.


Website building workshop – 1 to 2 hours hour 75 euros


Website Building workshop

Do you need a great website ? I and my collegues would be very happy to provide you with a beautiful customised website. We have built several websites in Europe and Africa. I am a social media manager. I manage several brands and company's social media websites such as updating their Facebook, Twitter, Instagrm, website pages, seo and sea. I am also brand ambassador for vr ( ) and Duvolle (


Hair-cut workshop – 1 to 2 hours 50 euros

Make- up skills –  1 to 2 hours 75 euros



Make-Up Workshop

Hey muffins! Would you like to learn how to apply make-up? Or do you wish to purchase a Make-Up workshop giftcard from me to your loved ones? Please contact me!



Photography workshop – 1 to 2 hours 75 euros





massage workshop – 15 minutes up to 1 hour 25 euros


Massage Workshop

I offer workshop on sports and shoulder massage



Beauty, hair, skincare, perfumery facials workshop –  50 euros


Beauty Workshop



Are you lonely, Do you need someone to talk to (face to face/ one on one) please do contact me.

I am a professional carer, I love to listen and converse with people. I enjoy business discussion, fashion, beauty and sports topic

One hour Face to face chat – 50 euros


Chat with Me

Are you lonely, bored or need a company for a very delightful chat? Please do contact me!




Make-Up Workshop

Hey muffins! Would you like to learn how to apply make-up? Or do you wish to purchase a Make-Up workshop giftcard from me to your loved ones? Please contact me!


Fashion/Styling Workshop

Hi dear, Struggling with changing your wardrobes and need some new fresh style to your wardrobe? I coach and assist male and female with styling and wardrobe update. Ladies, would you like to wear my stylish clothng and my numerous shoes for a very nice photosession? Please feel free to contact me. xo



I am also a writing consultant and a mentor.

Would you like me to write a content on my blog in regards to your business and services, Please make an offer

A blog post  ( 50 to 200 words) – 75 euros

Would you like me to do your groceries, buy you stylish perfumes, clothing, furniture, cars, trucks, generator, wind energy from Europe? I and my business partners in Europe accept a letter of credit, cash, paypal payment, ideal, bank transfer. Please make an offer!

My services are for male and female, Please make an offer. I work also on location and via WhatsApp video calls!


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