Who are we?

Amor Agenda Stichting is a charity organization that is focused on healthcare, education, and human capacity development. I and our members are mainly professionals who volunteer to use their knowledge and skills to help others. Membership to our organization is strictly on a volunteer basis, hence, our members do not receive any remuneration for their work. Donations made to our organization is used solely for aid.


To provide emergency funds and healthcare services to people who cannot afford medical care.

To invest in the education of children and young adults.

To reduce hunger and abject poverty by providing capital to poor people to start a small scale business.


Many people in rural communities in Africa cannot afford a daily meal, shelter, medical services, and education. We want to provide both immediate and lasting solution to these problems by providing free medical services, emergency shelter, and scholarships to children as well as setting up sustainable means of income for these people. Overall, we would have developed a people that can not only afford their basic needs but also contribute to national and global development.

Motto: Love in action

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Few years ago, I conducted a vigorous research on export of  Martenal Mobile hospitals to Nigeria for Jacaranda Trading B.V.  in The Netherlands the sister company to Van Vliet Tucks, The findings of the research is that there is high maternal death rate in Nigeria and there is also enormous need for mobile hospital trailers, medical equipment, vans, generators, ambulances in rural areas of Nigeria. In order to aid women who are pregnant to deliver safely, mobile hospitals ( see photos below) is required.  Van Vliet trucks have exported several mobile hospital trailers to Congo and other African countries.

I work with Van Vliet in The Netherlands in donating Ambulance, medical equipment, busses to rural areas in African countries. Please do contact me if you are interested in supporting.

Thank you so much in advance for your contribution in saving women’s  life in Nigeria.


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I work with Dorcas in The Netherland.  I help Dorcas in the Netherlands to collect less privileged ones with used clothes, shoes worldwide.

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I am a personal shopper. I have an office in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, England,  The Netherlands, and the U.S.A. If you need any goods and services ranging from cars, trucks, generators, lingeries, cloths, Cosmetics, Make-up, generators, furniture from Europe and America please contact us with the following contact details, we deliver to your doorstep.

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