Virtual Assistance

Hello! I am a virtual assistant and a freelancer for the Cavazanni recruitment agency. I and my team members can help individuals and businesses to grow their business. Below is the list of the task we can help you achieve;

  1. I can coach you on how to start a blog and on how to promote your business on social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram. I can help with social media sites management
  2. I can help you get more Facebook likes!
  3. We can help you create beautiful pictures and graphics.
  4. Mentorship on how to achieve good grades at school  and promotion at work
  5. I can help you conduct thorough keyword research that can help increase traffic to your business.
  6. I can come up with ideas of articles for your blog sites and coach you on sites you can use to schedule the post for your social media sites.
  7. I can teach you how to organize your files and documents online using sites such as Asana, Dropbox, Evernote.
  8. I and my colleagues in Nigeria our company  Cavazanni can help you create a very professional cv, online presence and more.
  9. Translation of letter/emails via WhatsApp, video call or voice message from Dutch to the English language.
  10. Business plan review
  11. Thesis report proofreading
  12. Admission advise, research with you on schools that offers scholarship and guidance for Universities abroad for Bachelor/Masters or Ph.D. studies
  13. The tour guide, visa or passport application, and hotel reservations.
  14. English language and dutch tutoring for internationals in The Netherlands (Poland, Hungary,  French,  Romanis, Spanish, Italian and many other immigrants in The Netherland) and also for Nigerians willing to learn dutch language. I offer my lessons face to face and WhatsApp video calls.
  15. I and my colleagues can assist you with western union money transfer
  16. Chat you up when you are feeling lonely or in need of someone to talk to!



WhatsApp:  +31633651998

Skype: Ekene Patience


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I am a sales representative for a virtual reality company in The Netherlands.

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