Hello! My name is Ekene Patience. On this page, I share with you american delight. I hope you enjoy!

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Hello friends, I am on Fiverr. The charge of listing the goods and services on this page is five euros on monthly basis.

The charge of (every) social media updates with affiliate link is also five euros. I shall write blog post and share on twitter, youtube, instagram, linkedin, Facebook and emailing.

All in All, I do charge ten euros on monthly basis

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Please do ask me for a payment request by whatsapp or via email, i also accept cash and western union transfer

If you do not wish to have your goods and services enlisted here, do send me an email or a whatsapp message.

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Ekene Patience

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p.s. I also accept gift cards, fashion, vouchers, jewelries, shoes, perfumes a free night stay at a nice hotel. The worth of the gift/voucher should be equivalent to my monthly/ yearly rate stated above.


For example, I do accept handbags, dresses, cars, houses, shoes, , jewelries, services equivalent to my monthly fees.

Thank you so much or your anticipated patronage and coperation.

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Ekene Patience Nesiagho

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Tiktok video Basic English language and dutch lesson – Here

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