Virtual Contract

Hello everyone! My name is Ekene Patience Nesiagho.

 I am a certified beauty and it consultant.  This is a virtual contract.  Please find the price of goods and services enlisted on my websites here.

 Blacknoir- Here – Here  

The advertising fee of my online internet services – Here  

Terms and conditions of online/Internet services contract

1. I am a website designer. I build basic website. Please find the goods and services I enlisted on the top pages of my websites and on


I offer three days to two weeks only to say yes or no to my online and offline proposal sent to you via email, face to face, social media account, LinkedIn and so on. 

 2. I write blog post, create YouTube video, promote goods and services via emailing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and more.  

3. I do rent and pay for workspaces.  

4 I do apply for job, to restaurants, photographers, hotels, travel agencies, social media management worldwide, I do send my cv first, afterwards I send my online proposal. 

5. I do buy and sell goods and services, eg see my fashionable items enlisted on vinted and on fabulous beauties fashion. 

6. I do pay for space for filming, writing blog post, for editing YouTube videos and also for online content marketing. 

7. I do shop for groceries such as food and self-grooming items from Walmart, Jumbo, Tesco supermarket, Spar supermarket, Mcdonald, Proxy supermarket, MedPlus, Kruidvat, Etos, Subway and more.

8. I offer online content marketing and offline/ face to face marketing as part time job.

9. I am on fiverr. Please find my fiverr gigs here. I write blog post for companies, do social media marketing. I offer online and offline gigs.

10. I did pay for travel expenses for travelling to make beautiful photos and videos.

11. I did pay and also received sponsorship for my work materials such as books, pen, tablets, electronics and more!

Before signing this contract below, you have read and understood the business proposal, virtual contract and the terms and condition

Thank you for your anticipated kind cooperation and patronage!

Signed by Management

04 05 2023

Nesiagho Patience Ekene