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Hello! My name is Ekene Patience. Below are the goods and services i have used , mentioned and do recommend in my youtube videos and some of these goods and services i have not used but are commonly used by the dutch!

In summary, On this page, I share with you german delight. I hope you enjoy!


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Hello friends, I am on Fiverr. The charge of listing the goods and services on this page is five euros on monthly basis.

The charge of (every) social media updates with affiliate link is also five euros. I shall write blog post and share on twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and emailing.

All in All, I do charge ten euros on monthly basis.


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Please do ask me for a payment request by whatsapp or via email, i also accept cash and western union transfer.


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p.s. I also accept gift cards, fashion, vouchers, jewelries, shoes, perfumes a free night stay at a nice hotel. The worth of the gift/voucher should be equivalent to my monthly/ yearly rate stated above.

Thank you so much for your anticipated patronage and cooperation.

signed by management.

Ekene Patience Nesiagho




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Marisa Peer Therapist – Here

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Machiavelli Restaurant Berlin – Here

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Storm4 Recruitment –Here

Hit Supermarket Berlin Here

Union InvestmentHere

Auto Haus Koerner  AutomobileHere

Virshields Mouth Mask Company – Here

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City of Berlin Park and Recreation – Here

Wayamo FoundationHere


Berlin Ferrari Dealers Here

Siemens Berlin– Here

Toyota Cars BerlinHere

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Philips Hamburg – Here

Designual Dresses Berlin here

iSails Yacht here

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Global Nomadic Here

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Order Food online with Getir– Here

Airbnb affordable accomodation Berlin– Here

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Beauty School Rotterdam, Beauty Patners – Here

Dutch Chemical Company Dow Chemicals – Here

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University of Amsterdam – Here

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Dutch Airline Klm – Here

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Abn ambro bank – Here

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Primark Fashion – Here

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Dutch Hospital admiralty ruyte ziekenhuis zeeland  Here

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Me gorgeous Cosmetics – Here

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Skin care items Kruidvat – Here

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