Hello! I am the treasurer of the Stichting Amor Agendo Foundation In The Netherlands. Stichting Amor Agendo Foundation (SAAF) is a registered charity that invests in human capital development as a means of solving the problem of poverty in Africa.
We offer skills acquisition and vocational training for women and help them to set up small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) which will become a source of sustainable income for their families and reposition them to meet the basic, educational, and health needs of their children.
We also sponsor the education of children, donate books to schools and organize health education programs and seminars.

Please feel free to donate money, books clothes, and food for less privileged women in Africa.

I am also a voluntary worker for Dorcas in The Netherlands for over five years now. I have helped Dorcas to collect food, clothes, kitchen utensils, toys, shoes for less privileged persons worldwide.  Donations for Dorcas in The Netherlands would be highly appreciated.



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