Hello dear! Welcome to my webshop. Do you need a web designer, make-up artist, photo model,  business coach, beautiful furniture from Europe, the U.S.A. delivered to your doorstep irrespective of where you live or based? We ship worldwide. I am a personal shopper. I have an office in Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, England,  The Netherlands, and the U.S.A.

If you need any goods and services ranging from cars, trucks, generators, lingeries, cloths, Cosmetics, Make-up, generators, electronics, furniture, flight tickets, hotel reservations, from Europe and America please contact us with the following contact details, we deliver to your doorstep.

I am also a beauty consultant in The Netherlands, I do make-up, Manicure, pedicure, relaxational massage, hairstyling.

p.s. I am a beauty blogger please see ( Would you like me to write about your business, institution, goods, and services on my blog? please do contact me,.If you need any goods and services  ( books, clothing, shoes, cars etc.) found on my blog, online, webshop, or anywhere else in Europe, Nigeria, U.S.A., and England. Please do contact us today!

Whatsapp +31620175330

Email –


Wanna practice your massage skills on me, make-up skills or sketch skills, photography skills, learn or do want to improve your hair cut skills on me? Please do contact me.

Housekeeping workshop



House Keeping Workshop

Would you like to learn how to keep your home clean and tidy? Or do you need some help with cleaning? Ekene schoonmaak bedrijf is at your service. You may also purchase a gift voucher/card for your loved ones whom you would want us to offer our services.



Website Building workshop

Do you need a great website ? I and my collegues would be very happy to provide you with a beautiful customised website. We have built several websites in Europe and Africa. I am a social media manager. I manage several brands and company's social media websites such as updating their Facebook, Twitter, Instagrm, website pages, seo and sea. I am also brand ambassador for vr ( ) and Duvolle (


Hair-cut workshop – 1 to 2 hours 50 euros


Hair Styling Workshop

Need a hair stylist? I frequently organise workshop and coaching sessions on how to style hair for male and female. I can coach you on how to care, trim, cut, shave your hair by your self at home. For ladies, I braid, perm, wash , curl hair.




Fashion/Styling Workshop

Hi dear, Struggling with changing your wardrobes and need some new fresh style to your wardrobe? I coach and assist male and female with styling and wardrobe update. Ladies, would you like to wear my stylish clothng and my numerous shoes for a very nice photosession? Please feel free to contact me. xo


Make- up skills –  1 to 2 hours 75 euros



Beauty Workshop


Photography workshop – 1 to 2 hours 75 euros



Chat with Me

Are you lonely, bored or need a company for a very delightful chat? Please do contact me!


I am also a writing consultant and a mentor.

Would you like me to write a content on my blog in regards to your business and services, Please make an offer


Sponsor a Blog Post

Hi friends! Do you like my blog ? would you like me to write a blog post related to your company, or a general topic to help improve your life style or the lifestyle of my audience? Sponsors are highly welcome. Please kindly sponsor a blog post. My blog and all my social media site has earned over twenty million views. This blog has a wide range of audience worldwide. Please support me and lets join hands together and make the world better and more fabulous! You may also send me items for review and to post on my blog.


A blog post  ( 50 to 200 words) – 75 euros

My services are for male and female, Please make an offer. I work also on location and via WhatsApp video calls!


Than you so much in advance for your anticipated patronage!


Ekene Patience

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