Dutch Delight

Dutch Delight

Hello! My name is Ekene Patience. Below are the goods and services i have used , mentioned and do recommend in my youtube videos and some of these goods and services i have not used but are commonly used by the dutch!

In summary, on this page, I share with you dutch delight. I hope you enjoy!


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Hello friends, I am on Fiverr. The charge of listing the goods and services on this page is five euros on monthly basis.

The charge of (every) social media updates with affiliate link is also five euros. I shall write blog post and share on twitter, youtube, instagram, linkedin, Facebook and emailing.

Hi there, I am on fiverr. Please find my fiverr gigs – Here

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All in All, I do charge ten euros on monthly basis.

Please do ask me for a payment request by whatsapp or via email, i also accept cash and western union transfer

If you do not wish to have your goods and services enlisted here, do send me an email or a whatsapp message.


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p.s. I also accept gift cards, fashion, vouchers, jewelries, shoes, perfumes a free night stay at a nice hotel. The worth of the gift/voucher should be equivalent to my monthly/ yearly rate stated above.

Thank you so much for your anticipated patronage and coperation.

signed by management

Ekene Patience Nesiagho

My Tiktok videos – Basic English language and dutch lesson – Here

My Fabulous Beauties Photos 1 – Here

My Fabulous Beauties Photos 2 – Here

My Fabulous Beauties Photos 3 – Here

My short stories on Amazon  Here

My Fabulous Beauties – Here

My short stories on Amazon  Here

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Julia’s Eatery – Here

Inntel Hotel Amsterdam – Here

Polder Banen – Here

Zeelandcare Thuiszorg Vlissingen – Here

Group Atlantic Nederland – Here

Make Zens – Here

Karwei – Here

Deloitte – Here

Hotel De Timmerfabriek – Here

Stad en Strand Hotel Elizabeth Vlissingen – Here

Sense Hair Rotterdam – Here

Manfield Shoes – Here

Ness Amsterdam – Here

Pangaea Website Designer – Here

Hotel Joris Middelburg – Here

Inntel Hotels Rotterdam – Here

Lyko Skincare – Here

Broklyn Bar and Grill Middelburg – Here

Finest People Recruitment – Here

Grand Hotel Downtown Amsterdam – Here

Idris Markt Vlissingen – Here

New Look Fashion – Here

George Amsterdam – Here

Brain Wash Hair Salon Rotterdam – Here

La Place Eatery – Here

Asa Talents – Here

Kruidvat – Here

Obalade Suya African Restaurant Amsterdam – Here

i – Pharma Consulting – Here

Morad 1 BarberShop Middelburg – Here

Sense Hair Rotterdam – Here

Hyatt Regency Hotel Amsterdam – Here

TMI Interim Amsterdam – Here

Hotel Central Sistermans Rosendaal – Here

Crocs Fashion – Here

Weleda Spa Rotterdam – Here

Clinique Rotterdam – Here

Grand Hotel Amrath Amsterdam – Here

Fit 20 Vlissingen – Here

Sizo Hair Dresser Rotterdam – Here

Holy Mary Salon Rotterdam – Here

Praxis – Here

iBood – Here

Amadore Restaurant Middelburg – Here

Holy Mary Salon Rotterdam – Here

Pancakes Amsterdam – Here

Art Hotel Rotterdam – Here

KPMG Amsterdam – Here

Maritime Filming Group – Here

Albelli Amsterdam – Here

Ozo Hotel Amsterdam – Here

Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam – Here

Dynamic Casting – Here

JD Sports – Here

SGMN Marketing Specialist – Here

Diezit – Here

Leonardo Hotel Breda – Here

Van Ash Horeca – Here

Fletcher Hotel Middelburg Centrum – Here

Crypto Bijles – Here

Herzog Medical – Here

JD Sports – Here

Apollo Hotel – Amsterdam – Here

Calton President Hotel Utrecht – Here

Lamboe Medical – Here

Seenons – Here

Kraamzorg Naviva – Here

Buckaroo Utrecht – Here

Spinnin Records – Here

Ademola O Adetunji Publisher Top Stories Magazine – Here

Tesla – Here

Crowdled – Here

Obalade Suya Restaurant Amsterdam – Here

Jumbo Supermarkt – Here

Blof – Here

Newyork Pizza Middelburg – Here

Blokker – Here

CitizenM Hotel – Here

Van Else Fashion – Here

Star Apple – Here

Ozo Hotel Amsterdam – Here

We are Brain It Consultancy – Here

SVRZ – Here

Restaurant Red – Here

Very Italian Pizza Rotterdam – Here

Sitedish – Here

ADR Instutuut – Here

Ajax – Here

Restaurant Cradam Amsterdam – Here

Endeavour Haarlem – Here

Feyenoord Football Club – Here

Cognito Media – Here

Carlton Square Hotel Haarlem – Here

Kippie Middelburg – Here

Good Fuels Amsterdam – Here

Sopheon – Here

‘t Smoske Vlissingen – Here

Gall&Gall – Here

Very Italian Pizza – Here

Grand Selene Bussum – Here

Boutique Hotel Terzand – Here

Izakaya Restaurant Amsterdam – Here

Holland and Barrett – Here

Park Plaza Victoria Hotel Amsterdam – Here

Bliss Hotel Breda – Here

Jex Marketing Amsterdam – Here

Villa Vida Hotel Domburg – Here

Dehora Consultancy Group – Here

Overstappen Verzekering – Here

Nillson Website Design Agency – Here

Zenzu Massage Rotterdam – Here

Jinek – Here

Art Hotel Rotterdam – Here

Taco Mundo – Here

Fletcher Hotel Vlissingen – Here

Taco Bell Eatery Breda – Here

Toyota Cars Amsterdam – Here

Remotivate – Here

Boutique Hotel Jersey – Here

i-Pharm Consulting – Here

Room Mate Bruno Hotel Rotterdam – Here

Suit Supply Amsterdam – Here

Coty Amsterdam – Here

FlatLine Agency Amsterdam – Here

Crowd1 Funding – Here

Fletcher Hotels Middelburg – Here

Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam – Here

Gastro Cafe Santiago Vlissingen – Here

Brasserie Zuidplein Restaurant – Here

Restaurant Scherp Middelburg – Here

Suri Food Zuidplein – Here

Haar Artelier Middelburg – Here

Tiwa Savage – Here

Karwei Middelburg – Here

Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam – Here

Van der Valk Hotel Middelburg – Here

Aedes Places – Here

Art Hotel Rotterdam – Here

SMWO – Here

Fletchers Hotel Vlissingen – Here

Turkish Airlines – Here

Jumbo Middelburg – Here

Mcdonald Middelburg – Here

Exxon Mobil – Here

Mopinion – Here

Starbucks Amterdam Central Station – Here

Postillion Hotel Amsterdam – Here

Blinktuit Marketing – Here

EU Start Up – Here

Douwe Egberts – Here

Leuntje Souvenir Shop – Here

Linda Magazine – Here

WestCord Hotel Amsterdam – Here

Roompot Holiday Homes Zeeland – Here

MURAD1 Barber Shop Middelburg – Here

SpecSavers Amsterdam – Here

Exact – Here

Nelly Dresses – Here

Sylvana Simons – Here

Isrid Fashion – Here

Center Parcs – Here

Brand Field jewelries – Here

Restaurant Fitzgerald – Here

Life Recruitment B.V. – Here

Pro Labore Dei – Here

Laundry Heap – Here

Kloeg Hotels Collection – Here

Dunkin Donut Amsterdam – Here


Messi Footballer – Here

Oceania Cruise – Here

Care Pay Amsterdam – Here

Imc – Here

Beluga Loves U Restaurant – Here

Douglas Beauty Shop – Here

Zadara Jewelry Rotterdam – Here

Zalando Fashion – Here

May Beauty Masker – Here

Wehkamp Fashion – Here

Gastro Cafe Santiago Vlissingen – Here

Mio Papa Restaurant Rotterdam – Here

Estee Lauder – Here

Cowboys Marketing Agency – Here

Soho Kappers Haarlem – Here

La Boca Restaurant Zuidplein – Here

HolidayInn Hotel Rotterdam – Here

Ariane Zorg Amsterdam – Here

Bisell Stof Zuiger – Here

Aart Fashion Rotterdam – Here

Primark Zuidplein Shopping Mall – Here

Campina – Here

ECRI Health Solutions – Here

Mooi Parfumerie Vlissingen – Here 

Restaurant Vroenhout  Rosendaal – Here

Abn Amro Bank Rotterdam – Here

Sacha Fashion Rotterdam – Here

Auto Sturm – Here

The Gallery Kitchen Rotterdam Plaza – Here

Carlos Hair Stylist Rotterdam Central Station Shopping Plaza – Here

Five Guys Burger Hogstraat Rotterdam Beurs – Here

Adecco Goes – Here

Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky – Here

Levi Jeans Amstelveen – Here

Jigler  Uitzendbureau – Here

Benjamin Hair Salon Haarlem – Here

Pico Bello Haarlem – Here

Duifhuizen Tassen & Koffers – Here

Umami restaurant Amsterdam – Here

Grand cafe Broklyn Middelburg – Here

Manify Magazine- Here

Tesla Cars – Here

Make-Up Studio – Here

Hilton Hotel Rotterdam – Here

Madame Tussauds- Here

EnzoKnol Dutch Photo Model – Here

ADRZ Ziekenhuis – Here

Visamy Restaurant Vlissingen – Here

Inntel Hotel Amsterdam – Here

Restaurant Olijfje – Here

Cecelia Restaurant Amsterdam – Here

Van Keulen Trucks Middelburg – Here

Greymen & Co – Here

Restaurant Black and Blue Amsterdam – Here

Roompot Holiday Homes – Here

Calton Hotel Haarlem – Here

The Anthony Hotel Utrecht – Here

Rotvast Real Estate Management – Here

Regus – Here

Funda – Here

Villa Parmentier – Here

PK Trucks – Here

Kleyn Trucks – Here

Sturm Auto Dealers Middelburg – Here

Zeelandcare thuiszorg – Here

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Here

Me Gorgeous Beauty Shop Rotterdam – Here

Carglass Middelburg – Here

Mastbosch Hotel Breda – Here

Amrath Hotel Haarlem – Here

Hotel Newyork Rotterdam – Here

The gallery Kitchen Rotterdam – Here

Kale Pater Restaurant Haarlem – Here

Mother Goose Hotel – Here

Hogeschool Rotterdam/ Rotterdam University Of Applied Sciences – Here

HZ University – Here

Dow Chemicals – Here

AH – Here

Ambassador City Centre Hotel – Here

Knox Hotel Utrecht – Here

Black and Blue BBQ Nijmegen – Here

La Palace Eatery Amsterdam Here

21 Pinchos Restaurant Rotterdam – Here

Traffic Today Digital Marketing Firm – Here

Bistro Amsterdam Restaurant – Here

xenos – Here

By JUULS Restaurant Domburg – Here

La Place Eatery – Here

HZ University Middelburg – Here

Beauty by roos hair extentions – Here

Ingenhousz Restaurant Breda – Here


Facebook – Here

My website – Here

My Fabulous Beauties – Here


Tiktok video Basic English language and dutch lesson – Here

Murad1 Barbershop Middelburg – Here

Restaurant Tafelen Middelburg – Here

Endemol – Here

Hotel Central Rosendaal – Here

Bao Asian Kitchen Breda – Here

Restaurant Basalt Middelburg – Here

Me Gorgeous Beauty Shop – Here

Praxis Bouw Markt – Here

De  Verf Zaak – Here

Paul Warmer Fashion – Here

Restaurant Olijfje – Here

Karwei Bouw Markt Rotterdam – Here

Willem Alexandra – Here

Maxima – Here

Momo Restaurant Amsterdam – Here

Mark Rutte – Here

Wehkamp – Here

Petit Beijers Hotel Utrecht – Here

Learn New Language with Italki – Here

WVO Zorg – Here


Ostrica Vermogen Beheer – Here

Ene Mobile Hospital – Here

Team Academy – Here

Dow Chemicals – Here

Red bull – Here

American Today fashion Amsterdam – Here

R. A. Telecom Middelburg – Here

Lynx – Here

Holland Casino – Here

Bostik – Here

Vis Handel Middelburg – Here

Easy Cars Breda – Here 

Tot Maandag Vacature- Here

Carlton Hotel Haarlem – Here

Abn Amro – Here

VHD Zorg – Here

Adecco – Here

Thuis Bezorgd – Here

Uwv – Here

Funda Real Estate Management – Here

Swiss Sense Furniture – Here

Primark – Here

Kruidvat – Here

Etos – Here

Misterdot Website Designer – Here

Porsche Autos – Here

Vlisco – Here

Luv Design Website Designer – Here

Mio Accessories Zuidplein – Here

Makeup Brush From Kruidvat – Here

Tui Reis Bureau Middelburg – Here

Max verstappen – Here

Toyota Amsterdam – Here

Nelly Fashion – Here

Essity – Here

Manfield – Here

Mac Cosmetics – Here

Miele Household Items – Here

Dek Rijschool Goes  Zeeland – Here

Werk.nl – Here

Alfa Zorg – Here

Linda Magazine – Here

Fletchers Hotel Vlissingen – Here

James Hotel Rotterdam – Here

Soho House Amsterdam – Here

Monki Fashion – Here

Kes Visum Den Haag – Here

Suit Supply – Here

Timberland – Here

Kruidvat – Here

Berkman Benzine Station – Here

We Fashion – Here

Benu Apotheek – Here

Max Verstappen – Here

Mio Papa Restaurant Rotterdam – Here

Unilever – Here

Leenbakker Meubelen – Here

Karwei Furnitures – Here

VT Wonen – Here

Boozy Shop Makeup – Here

Simply Card – Here

Marriot Hotel Rotterdam – Here

Docura Zorg – here

Kruidvat Zuidplein Shopping Mall – Here

Primark Zuidplein shopping mall – Here

Hema Zuidplein Shopping Mall – Here

Coca – Cola – Here

Shabbies Shoes – Here

Boozy Shop Makeup – Here

Ariane Zorg Amsterdam – Here

Bisell Stof Zuiger – Here

Aart Fashion Rotterdam – Here

Primark Zuidplein Shopping Mall – Here

Campina – Here

Mooi Parfumerie Vlissingen – Here 

Restaurant Vroenhout  Rosendaal – Here

Abn Amro Bank Rotterdam – Here

Sacha Fashion Rotterdam – Here

Auto Sturm – Here

The Gallery Kitchen Rotterdam Plaza – Here

Carlos Hair Stylist Rotterdam Central Station Shopping Plaza – Here

Five Guys Burger Hogstraat Rotterdam Beurs – Here

Adecco Goes – Here

Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky – Here

Levi Jeans Amstelveen – Here

Jigler  Uitzendbureau – Here

Visamy Restaurant Vlissingen – Here


G-Star Raw Fashion Amsterdam – Here

Parfumerie Same Vlissingen – Here

Elmundo Cuisine Vlissingen – Here

Hema Vlissingen – Here

Het Restaurant Binnenhof Goes – Here

Allevo – Here

Dia Group INC – Here

Sense Online Solution – Here

Xelion – Here

Vis Amy Restaurant Vlissingen – Here

Sumo Sushi Markthal – Here