Hiya! I am a professional translator. I speak, write, read English and Dutch languages fluently. I have helped several international students and business owners in the Netherlands to translate the Dutch language to the English Language. I also translate Dutch languages to the English Language for non-Dutch citizens and Nigerian business persons who do business with the Dutch. Please contact me if you do need my services.



Nigerian Office line  +2347068723641

Mobile: +31657088182

WhatsApp:  +31633651998 / +31617339446

Skype: Ekene Patience

My digital cvHere


Hiya! I am a beauty and health consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me for your beauty and health care tips xo +31633651998

Hiya! I am a mua, beauty consultant and stylist in The Netherlands.Please contact me if you need my services. +31633651998